Publisher Supremacy

Common Concerns

"I’m not sure I have time to do the course. I’m still in school or have a day job."

  • The program is set up in a way to accommodate any kind of schedule, empty or busy. You have the ability to take in all of the information at your own pace. The best part? Once you’re enrolled, you have lifetime access. 

"I don’t have a lot of money to invest."

  • Publisher Supremacy is an online program priced way below what it is valued at. On top of that, online business requires willingness to take risks and invest in yourself in order to ever end up making any money. Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, know that making the initial investment will act as fuel for your fire of not only wanting to finish the program, but achieve greatness with it as well. 

"What if I am unhappy with my purchase?"

  • The program has what’s called a “30-day Initiative Based Refund Program”. To qualify for a partial or full refund, you’ll need to have completed 50% of the program's lessons, submitted an audiobook for review and started to create one form of automation & branding for your publishing business. An email will need to be submitted from the correlating email of the student enrolled in the program in order to initiate a review of your actions to get approved for a partial or full refund.

 "I heard KDP is saturated and isn’t worth starting in 2020/2021."

  • This is absolutely 100% false. Publishing books through Amazon and Audible is one of the most unknown online business models in our day and age. With that, it also means it’s one of the best opportunities to get started with. The longer you wait to start, the more saturated it’ll become.

"Do I have to be from the United States to do this?"

  • Nope! Dane is actually from Canada. Anyone around the world can publish books on Amazon/KDP with zero issues. When it comes to publishing audiobooks on Audible, if you’re not from The United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Ireland, you’re required to establish a US LLC (which is taught in the program).

"Do I need to have past experience or need to be a writer to take this program?"

  • Absolutely not. Publisher Startup and Publisher Supremacy hold your hand through the entire process from complete beginner to expert book publisher in a very short period of time. Both of the programs follow the method of hiring a ghostwriter to do all of the writing for you, so even if english isn’t your first language, you can do very well with this online business model. 


"What makes this course the right choice compared to all of the other publishing programs out there?" 

  • Dane has put his blood, sweat and tears into making sure that Publisher Supremacy is the cream of the publishing crop. With well over 3,000 students enrolled in Dane’s online programs to date, you have the reassurance that you’re a part of something special and worthwhile. 

"I haven’t heard of Dane before? Who is he and why should I trust him to teach me about publishing?" 

  • Dane owns three separate book publishing brands that have earned him over six figures in only his first year publishing books. On top of that, Dane has already taught 3,000 plus other people about his publishing methods with many successful students already in just the span of a few short months. 

"I could probably figure out all of this information on my own. Why should I buy this program in the first place?" 

  • If you were to try and figure out all of the information included in Publisher Supremacy, it would take you AT LEAST one year’s worth of time (the amount of time it’s taken Dane to figure all of the content out). Publisher Supremacy is a 7-week long program containing every last bit of information Dane has learned in the past year in terms of publishing books, building brands and scaling his business to six-figures. In the span of only seven weeks, you’ll be ready to take on publishing from Dane’s knowledge level rather than spending an additional 45 weeks trying to learn it all on your own. Remember, time is money and the quicker you can learn about this business model, the more money you’ll make.  

"I missed Q4. Is it still worth it to go through the program?" 

  • 1000% Yes. Q4 is an exciting time of year, however, having an established publishing business is a business model that works year round. And besides, Q4 comes back around faster than you think. No need to rush things.